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Commercial Litigation
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Commercial Litigation

Woods Aitken has handled numerous major claims, and the Firm has successfully prosecuted multi-million dollar proceedings. Recoveries have been realized for clients of the Firm through judgments in various state and federal courts, arbitrations and through negotiated settlements.

  • Members of the Firm have handled a substantial number of bid protest matters before local, state and federal authorities.
  • Members of the Firm are experienced in the drafting and analysis of contracts, development and presentation of negotiation positions, and participation in claim discussions and settlement proposals.
  • Members of the Firm are active in commercial litigation, trying cases both in state and federal courts, before arbitrators, and the U.S. Court of Claims.
  • Members of the Firm routinely utilize the skills and expertise of technical consultants in connection with claims resolution.
  • Members of the Firm have represented clients involved in federal procurement and have reviewed, prepared and prosecuted claims before federal administrative agencies.
  • The Firm’s experience includes alternative methods of resolving disputes such as mediation, arbitration and mini-trials, and members of the Firm serve on bar association committees concerned with these procedures.
  • The experience of our attorneys in these commercial matters has enabled the Firm to provide budgets and case management plans for a variety of complex claims and disputes.
  • The Firm has developed extensive litigation support staff capabilities that facilitate cost-efficient organization, coding and processing of literally millions of documents and project records.