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Woods Aitken provides diverse representation and services to livestock and crop producers, product processors, agribusiness contractors, equipment manufacturers, agribusiness licensors, and product distributors. The firm regularly works in partnership with owners of family operated farms, ranches, agribusiness corporations and cooperatives, and other related companies. We provide counsel on issues as diverse as estate planning, zoning and land use classifications, entity formation, trade name registration, contract review, real estate acquisition and development, leasing of equipment, livestock, and farms, construction, financing, taxation, and compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

  • We represent both locally owned and operated agribusinesses, as well as multi-state and international clients.
  • Our experience includes the formation and operation of international joint ventures relating to agricultural products, investigation and review of contracts, and counsel on the local operational aspects for multi-national agricultural clients and joint ventures.
  • Our attorneys recently obtained key victories in litigation involving a major livestock producer’s ability to continue operations across Nebraska in the face of opposition from local governments and property owners.
  • The firm makes it a priority to keep current with new technological and environmental developments in order to counsel our livestock production clients on how to prepare for, or minimize, the impact of nuisance lawsuits that have become so commonplace in the industry.
  • From litigation, to telecommunications applications, to business, corporate and estate planning, our attorneys are highly qualified to provide a wide range of legal services for our agriculturally based clients.