Allen L. Overcash named 2017 Boss of the Year by the Lincoln Legal Professionals Association

Allen L. Overcash, Of Counsel at Woods Aitken, was recently named Boss of the Year by the Lincoln Legal Professionals Association.  Allen is an ADR neutral who works to settle disputes in the construction industry.  

This prestigious and highly coveted award is given to an individual considered to be an exceptional workplace leader based on the following criteria:

  • Education, accomplishment;
  • Honesty, integrity;
  • Respect for profession;
  • Consideration of staff and clients;
  • Flexibility, punctuality and courteousness;
  • Generosity of wages and benefits;
  • Compassion; and
  • Support of the Lincoln Legal Professionals Association.

"When I stepped into my role working for this boss four years ago, my predecessor had worked for him for 34 years. To say I was nervous about stepping into those shoes is an understatement. How was I going to fill in for someone who had become his right arm? How was he going to adapt to working with someone new after all of those years? Although I'm certain it was not an easy transition for him, he made it seem seamless for me. What a joy it has been working with this man. He is a mentor, a teacher, a role model, and a friend. The wealth of knowledge and experience he possesses is immeasurable. He takes no pride in boasting about his accomplishments. He chooses to take that knowledge and experience and uses it to teach and mold those around him. He is humble and kind. He is well past the age that many of us hope to attain to enjoy our retirement. But retirement doesn't seem to be on his radar. He instead chooses to show up to work on a regular basis, seeking out new clients, marketing his alternative dispute resolution skills, working as an arbitrator and mediator, mentoring his coworkers, and as if that's not enough, he is also an adjunct professor of Construction Law at the UNL College of Law.

He is truly compassionate and genuinely cares for the members of his firm, his clients, and his community. He fights hard for what he believes is just and fair. He is modest in his own accomplishments, but will loudly sing the praises of the successes of others. He makes you feel appreciated for even the smallest of efforts. He goes out of his way to make sure we are well compensated for our work, and he is more than generous with his personal gifts of appreciation. He, along with the other members of our firm, supports our membership in LLPA by encouraging us to attend all meetings and events, as well as paying our membership dues. He greets everyone of us with a smile and always finds ways to make us laugh."

2017 Winner of the "Boss of the Year" Award
Allen L. Overcash of Woods & Aitken LLP
Nominated by: Shannon Draper