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Click on the PAY INVOICE link above if you are
paying an outstanding invoice balance. Do not click this link if you are providing a retainer or advance deposit for future attorney fees and costs. 

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Click on the PAY RETAINER link above if you are providing a RETAINER or ADVANCE DEPOSIT for future attorney fees and costs. Do not click this link if you are paying an outstanding invoice balance.


For the convenience of its clients, Woods Aitken LLP accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards for both invoice and retainer payments through the LawPay secure website. To cover the cost of processing a credit or charge card transaction, Woods Aitken LLP charges a 2% processing fee for all credit card payments made online. The 2% processing fee will be automatically added prior to submitting payment. eChecks are accepted with a $5,000 maximum payment. Woods Aitken LLP is not affiliated with LawPay and is not responsible for their website security or credit card processing. Clients should contact LawPay directly with questions about the security of personally identifiable and financial information through the LawPay website. Clients are encouraged to contact Woods Aitken LLP at (402) 437-8500 with questions concerning any other form of payment, including debit cards, that the Firm will accept.