Edward H. Tricker named 2014 Boss of the Year by the Lincoln Legal Professionals Association

Edward H. Tricker was recently named Boss of the Year by the Lincoln Legal Professionals Association.  This prestigious and highly coveted award is given to an individual considered to be an exceptional workplace leader based on the following criteria:

  • Education, accomplishment;
  • Honesty, integrity;
  • Respect for profession;
  • Consideration of assistant and clients;
  • Flexibility, punctuality and courteousness;
  • Generosity in paying good wages;
  • Compassion; and
  • Support of the Lincoln Legal Professionals Association.

"Our boss has the integrity and moral standing that is often assumed to be absent in this industry. He does not compromise this for anybody at any time and it shows in the long list of clients from across the country that he represents. When it's time to get the job done he doesn't just perform the necessary legal tasks at hand, he lives it. He is the first into the office and often the last to leave. Unwavering in his perseverance to give his clients the very best - nothing is too big for our boss. Once an issue is brought forward, he sets out to build a team with the expectation that the rules of the game are that we are going to help our client realize the best outcome possible - period! Case after case, he shows his team he trusts them to be professional, hardworking, and creative in ways to stay the course to the end. He is grace under pressure and often says “life happens, you just have to work through the speed bumps to get to the smooth sailing.” Yet, even in the heat of a case, he doesn't miss teachable moments or opportunities to communicate or coach when needed. In extending words of appreciation and praise or even just a smile of acknowledgment, he builds confidence and experience in each of us, unaware that we are soaking up his example and expertise. The bar gets raised for everyone from the client to the support staff to the firm's reputation."

2014 Winner of the "Boss of the Year" Award
Ed Tricker of Woods & Aitken LLP
Nominated by: Kathy Eidenmiller, Lori McGowan, and Lyndsey Reddish