2024 Legal Update Series

Construction site
Erin L. Ebeler, Audrey R. Svane, Kaylen K. Akert

Woods Aitken and the AGC-Nebraska Building Chapter are proud to present a legal update series focused on the construction industry. Membership in AGC-Nebraska Building Chapter is not required. The presentations are complimentary; however, registration is required. 


Tuesday, June 11 | 2-3 PM CT
Topic: Changing (or Avoiding) the Battlefield: Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques in Construction
Speaker: Audrey R. Svane, Attorney, Woods Aitken
Format: Webinar
Trying to keep business relationships intact while addressing tough disputes between construction project participants can be a challenge. Litigation is expensive, and court proceedings can be public as well as costly. ADR may be an option to help in these situations.
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Tuesday, September 10 | 2-3 PM CT
Topic: Business Transitions & Ownership Changes
Speaker: Kaylen K. Akert
Format: Webinar 
Interested in retiring someday? Want to ensure your business keeps going for multiple generations or reward employees who are working hard? This presentation will address how businesses can plan ahead for business transitions and ownership changes in an organized manner.
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Tuesday, October 8 | 2-3 PM CT
Topic: Securing Payment: Navigating the Ins and Outs of Construction Liens and Waivers
Speaker: Audrey R. Svane
Format: Webinar
You’ve done the work. Wouldn’t it be nice to be paid for it? Or, alternatively, you’re being asked to sign a lien waiver in exchange for payment…should you sign that document? Good questions. This presentation will help identify key issues involved with construction liens and lien waivers.
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Tuesday, November 12 | 2-3 PM CT
Topic: The Election Happened…Now What?  Labor and Employment Law Expectations and Best Guesses for 2025 and Beyond
Speaker: Erin L. Ebeler
Format: Webinar
One week after the 2024 Election, we’ll look into our crystal ball and give our best predictions for 2025 and beyond in the area of labor & employment law matters so that you can start preparing for 2025 and beyond!
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